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CBiS Education Cardboard2Code Module 1

CBiS Education Cardboard2Code Module 1:

Cardboard robot arm.

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USB Robot arm control with Python and Raspberry Pi

I was asked recently if the USB robot arm could be programmed - I knew the answer was yes. The Arm came from the CBiS Education Robot Arm kit ( ) which comes with a Raspberry Pi and SD Card with software to control the Arm. So the question has become - How do I program it in Python from scratch?

Well, the honest answer is I don't I use what others have done before. A good 
starting point is this site, it gives most (pretty much all) of the answer, including where to get the pyusb library need; setting it up (be careful don't use the  zip file but the tar.gz version  - you might need to scroll down the screen to do this) and an example. A second source that was very useful was which contains an explanation of the 'triples' (for example [32,0,0]) used to select which part of the…