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Robot Arm visits the Eagle (Lab) - update

On 13th August a robot arm kit and myself went to a Pi Jam in Birmingham ( at the Eagle Lab in Birmingham. In the background of one of the pictures below you can see a glimpse of the arm, though three people are using or discussing it the time.

Our first RaspberryPi Jam was a success! Big thanks to @Warksraspijam for running the jam, a taste of events to come — Eagle Labs Bham (@eagle_labs_bham) August 15, 2016
Eagle Labs Raspberry Jam talks from— CovAndWarksRaspiJam (@Warksraspijam) August 21, 2016
One of the questions that came up, was how to use the arm without proprietary software. To answer that I have had a go using Python to control the arm see the following for more details

I am grateful to Santander UK for t…